The key to successful Communication into a Target Market is to utilise the Media Mix strategically to get the maximum reach and frequency within the specific Target Market through a combination of mainstream media (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, and Cinema) and/or tactical media mediums.

The geographical spread, gender breakdown, age split, culture analysis and SEM (Socio Economic Measurement) groups of consumers and/or clients will be identified and analysed using the latest research technology available to Marketing Warehouse.

Our unique selling points:

  • We are passionate about Media
  • We are part of the global IPG network
  • We are an integrated component in the ‘total communications’ IPG Group offering
  • We welcome ‘at risk’ remuneration agreements with our clients
  • We have mastered media in Africa

We deliver:

  • Better ideas, better ROI
  • Access to global resources, tools processes and intellectual capital
  • The ‘best of both worlds’ – we tap into group creative and strategic talent when we want to, but are not prescribed to by it
  • We want to be rewarded for superior performance and accountable for poor performance
  • Tighter controls, greater efficiencies

Important to us:

  • We believe all media agencies are NOT created equal
  • Media is a means to an end and NOT an end in its own right
  • The key to our media offering is a passionate understanding of our clients’ businesses and their customers
  • Media should NOT be cluttered with jargon and colloquialism but made easy to understand
  • Our people are our most important asset
  • There is no excuse for bad service or unprofessionalism